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ACTA Freelancer Awarded

The American Commercial Translation Association awarded Priscilla Whitman, a freelance translator and court interpreter in Tucson, Arizona, the 2016 Harvard Jordan Scholarship. She was also recently elected administer of the ATA Spanish Language Division.

The Harvard Jordan Scholarship promotes, encourages, and supports leadership and professional development of translators and interpreters within ATA's Spanish Language Division and to honor Harvard Jordan's lifetime contributions as a language professional. To be eligible for the award candidates must be Spanish Language Division members in good standing with two or more years of membership.

The selection criteria are demonstrated leadership skills and career goals; Spanish Language Division involvement and commitment to service; and special contributions to translation and interpretation.

Whitman is the new administer for the ATA Spanish Language Division, has been an active member of the Division since 1999, and has been a key volunteer working on every Spanish Language Division Mid-Year Conference, serving as conference organizer in 2014 and co-organizer in 2015. She has served as Spanish Language Division treasurer and from 2006-2016 as Spanish Language Division assistant administrator. Whitman is also an active volunteer for Arizona Commercial Translation, Inc., serving as vice president, and is a member of the Pima County Community College Translation Studies Curriculum Advisory Committee.

2016-10-9 18:36