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Transitioning from Classroom to Career in Translation

ATA Webinar Series

Transitioning from Classroom to Career in Translation

Presenters: Jamie Hartz

Do I need a website? How do I find clients? What is the value of my degree? Can I really make it as a freelancer? What services should I offer?

Get answers to these questions and more from presenter Jamie Hartz who recently made her own transition from student to full-time translation freelancer. You'll learn about the pitfalls and problems students need to consider before they leave the classroom.

This presentation touches on hardware, software, resources, and skills you need to not only survey but also to thrive.

What will you learn?

1. How to leverage what you’ve learned in school

2. Where to start looking for clients

3. Differences between academics and "the real world"

4. Resources to make you a stronger translator and businessperson

5. Long-term considerations to keep in mind when getting started

About the Presenter

Jamie Hartz is a freelance Spanish>English business and legal translator, editor, and transcriber. She completed an M.A. in Spanish Translation at Kent State University in 2015.

In 2013 Jamie was one of three ATA volunteers who established The Savvy Newcomer blog. She is now a frequent contributor to the popular online publication. Jamie was also instrumental in organizing the Buddies Welcome Newbies program at the ATA Annual Conference.

Now living in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Jamie is the social media committee chairperson for the Delaware Valley Translators Association.