Why join?

ACTA has a very well-developed system of networks and regional groups. There are networks for a range of languages, some of them single-language groups, others covering a group of languages. There are also subject networks, for translators working in particular fields of expertise, such as the Medical network, while the Interpreters’ network represents the interests of interpreters in ACTA. Finally there are the ACTA regional groups which, together with associated regional organizations, not affiliated to the ACTA but sharing information and jointly publicizing events and services offered to their members, give members an opportunity to meet up locally.

ACTA’s members can pick whichever groups or networks best suit their needs. For example, a translator, living in New York, working from German into English and specializing in the arts and tourism, could be a member of three networks or groups – the German Network, the Media, Arts and Tourism network.

Groups are run by volunteers, and may charge a small subscription to cover administrative costs. Many groups publish a newsletter two or three times a year, and several have websites and e-groups. Regional groups in particular organize a full calendar of events throughout the year. These events, which include workshops and seminars, are publicized across ACTA through the bulletin and the website.

Membership of a group brings many advantages, such as a sense of belonging, association with colleagues, access to plenty of support and information. Some of the groups also support their members' social life, through events ranging from Christmas meals to weekly pub nights.

Regional groups and networks also work with ACTA to bring professional development courses, workshops and seminars on particular topics within the reach of their members, rather than requiring members to travel to New York or elsewhere to attend. In addition, some publish their own directories of members, normally electronically through their website. And members of these groups, identified according to their ACTA status, may find these a source of work providers. All members of the ACTA are encouraged to join in at least one relevant group. They are organized by ordinary translators and interpreters, all volunteers. Supporting and participating in the life of the network is rewarding and useful, both personally and professionally.

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