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Europe Translating survey

The European Commission, ITI and Chartered Institute of Linguists have created a survey to find out more about the profile of professional translators working in the UK.

The survey is part of the European Commission’s Translating Europe initiative, which aims to promote more systematic cooperation across different parts of the translation sector. The central event of Translating Europe is the Translating Europe Forum, an annual conference in Brussels.

The three organizations are calling on UK ‘translation professionals’ – people who work as translators or in related roles – to help them to build up a picture of the sector by completing the survey.

A statement on the survey home page says: ‘The concept of a “translator” was a many-headed one well before modern existence began to blur the vocational, geographical and temporal boundaries of our working lives.

It encompasses those working on written material from poetry to patents, and may include those who move on from pure translating into related activities such as editing, publishing, subtitling or project management, but who still view themselves, at core, as translators: People who carry the written word from one language into another.

We are using the term “translation professional” to cover all of these people. Reflecting on your training, your experience and your current professional activity, you will have a sense of whether the term applies to you.’

For more information on the objectives, the target group and to complete the survey, please click here.

The theme of this year's Translating Europe Forum, on 27-28 October, will be translation tools and technology. Participation is open to all and registration is open.